Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moneyyyyyyy, ghosts, LIFE.

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Forget is just an object, why must we be all greedy over it? why must we fight over money? My parents make loads of money and guess what they judge people on? How much money they have, GOD, that's so annoying, oi vey. I swear, some people just need a slap in the face because of that, Joe and I had no money sometimes, but you know what truly holds a couple together after they have no money? LOVE

I know this is a repeat from a blog before, but hey, really now, what good is money when all you do is try to BUY love? You don't buy love, you don't buy friendship, you use it when you use it, shit, if money is all that you crave than why are you in this world? Sure you may have shit loads of money but must you brag about it? Everything happens for a reason, sometimes you don't know what the reason is, but hey, there's a reason behind everything, this world is made up of crazy crap happening around us all the time, but guess what? It's suppose to be this way.

As for how ignorant people think? They are simply American idiots who oh my dear god, they definitely need a reality check, those people who are scared of ghosts? Oh hell no, you need a good slap, a good spanking (but you might like being spanked) A ghost is simply leftover energy from a person, everyone has an energy, an aura, something that they make the world with, we all have bodies for one reason, it's to contain that energy and when it's our time to die, our energy gets released from our bodies because it's time to move on from the body into a new life, no more no less, but than ghosts are earthbound spirits who still feel the need to stay on this world because they're greedy, some don't know they're dead, others know but they don't want to go on, therefore you have crazy ghosts running around who tend to scare off others.

Joe is not a ghost, he's a spirit, a spirit who uses LOVE to stay, the yang necklace I wear around my neck? That's where he keeps his energy, where I store my energy so we both can use it to communicate with each other, in other words it's an object, just like money and all living things, but you have to remember, we are all human beings, even ghosts, spirits, etc. There's no need to fear anything, except for people who want you to fear something because they have hate.

AN EYE FOR AN EYE MAKES THE WORLD BLIND. <----Why must we be blinded by hate? Why can't we be blinded by love? Love is blind, but so is hate, in fact, LOVE is the only THING that keeps the world together, we must not fight hate with hate, god no, look at how wars start, they all start because of one thing. HATE. REVENGE. GREED. Money. What good do all those things do? Why can't we show love and compassion towards all living things? The earth is composed of positive and negative energy, yin and yang, you know how black holes are made? When yin and yang collide, it creates a supermassive blackhole, a blackhole is just a place, a little hole where you're sucked into and it's a place where time doesn't exist because time is just relative, time is what WE humans made up because apparently some people are stupid. If you watch the prequel of Star Trek, you'll know what I mean. As for the good in things? I see the good in everyone, I strive to love everyone, even the people who have hurt me over and over and over. What good does hate do? Why show hate with hate? You're no better than them if you do. It's sometimes good to fight fire with fire, but sometimes you need to fight fire with water. Make it so. :) The greatest thing you'll ever love is just to love and be loved in return As for mistakes? It's good to make mistakes, it's how we learn from them, it's how we grow, sure I went overboard after Joe's death, it was my mistake, I know it wasn't what I was suppose to do, especially having a growing baby inside me, but I understand now what I did was STUPID...foolish, retarded, I now know he's not gone, his body is, but that doesn't mean his spirit, his energy, I loved him for his energy, if I loved him for his body, than how could I say I loved him truly madly deeply? I love him inside and outside, he makes me the happiest girl alive, I can't live without him, he's my purpose, he gives me strength, he's to the light to my soul, the other half of me
You know what forever is? Just a place where time doesn't exist....just how I love it, fuck time, there's a time for everything, one must be patient and see where the journey takes us.

You know The Oddessy? Well, if you read it, you'll know what I mean. Life is a spiritual journey, just like Luke Skywalker, a hero's journey. People die for a reason. Joe died because he sacrificed his life for mine so i can continue OUR hero's journey, but he's like that Obi-Wan, I see him like that, I hear his voice like that, he's my spirit guide and I'm his. It's all fun and games, life, one should NEVER take life seriously.

Sometimes a relationship doesn't work out because? It wasn't suppose to be that way, this is exactly how Joe and I were suppose to be like and I'm glad he secretly has no body, goddamn, we were under so much pressure when he was alive, everyone expected too much out of us and that stressed me out, he had to do something for his munchkin, he sacrificed his life and I sacrificed my life for his, in fact, I let him use my body sometimes because hey.

And one must be patient to find your soulmate, you'll find yours when it's time because you think a soulmate relationship is fun and games, right? Well....

God, it takes so much effort, energy, unconditional love and support from both parties.

Love is a DEEP spiritual, a DEEP deep emotional, a deep deep physical connection.

That is all.

Yeah, I don't reveal things much anymore because hey, I'm secretive like that, you think you may know me? But muahahahahahaha


It's the quiet ones you gotta watch out for because they know what they're doing.

And as for other things?

As for why this blog is called



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